Seeking talented writers and artists. 
Are you one of the many talented, undiscovered authors wondering just how to publish a kids' book?  
Look no further than Jungle Wagon Press! 
We'll take you from manuscript to marketing! 
A publisher you can have a relationship with! 
"Angela Malavolti, owner of Jungle Wagon Press is a class act who is honest, and full of integrity and creative energy 
She will practacally knock herself out to make her business and yours thrive!"
"Angela is the only publisher I've encountered who really reads a manuscript with its potential in mind. Even though she did not accept my first manuscript submission, she sent it back with positive, hand-written feedback in every margin. 
She actually wants you to succeed as an author telling your story and she guides you toward that goal, not away from it. 
She's supportive, honest, and a great editor too!"
"It is a true pleasure working with Angela!  Her energy level is amazing!  She is always positive, creative and quick to respond.  
Even though we live hundreds of miles apart, communication has been easy." 
"Angela supported me in finding the courage to share my passion for crafting stories. Tender feedback, always...
Angela helps a writer find the hidden; after all, the best of creation is often not in plain sight."

"Angela's excitement is contagious. She is truly interested in producing the best book possible, has great ideas, and listens to what one is really saying. Working with Angela is a true partnership that enhances the quality of one's book from beginning through publication to marketing." 

"Angela Malavolti is a wonderfully talented publisher; dedicated to making sure each author’s vision comes to life with a positive experience!  As an illustrator, I consider it a privilege to work with her and be a part of the Jungle Wagon team!"

–Angie Scordato  


It has been a fabulous experience to be part of the family at Jungle Wagon Press. Angela has both the dedicated eye and the savvy business sense necessary for a successful editor. She brings out the very best in our local (and international!) talent. When you work with JWP, you'll gain a business partner as well as a devoted friend.

-Tamara Ohr, Illustrator/Graphic Design


Rockford Sock Monkey Tales is my first book, and Angela Malavolti, my publisher and editor.  Angela’s enthusiasm, wisdom and support made the difference.  She has been so helpful, had good ideas and advice, and is so much fun to work with.  Thanks to Angela and my illustrator, Angie Scordato, my first attempt at writing at age 87 is a success!
A process you can have control over! 
While a professional illustrator, editor, designer, & printer put all the pieces together...
YOU are essential to the creative process!
YOU choose your own illustrator from our professional illustration team. Self-illustrated manuscripts are also considered.
YOU approve edits, sketches & illustrations.
YOU choose the format, trim size, & quantity. 
YOU maintain 100% copyright and inventory. 
 Realistic & creative marketing you can count on! 
Exposure at events throughout Northern Illinois 
Your book on 
Your book on 
And much more!!!! 
Explore a tale worth sharing. 

Learn how to publish a quality children's picture book with a company that truly cares about your success.  Specializing in high quality children's book publishing, Jungle Wagon Press publishes the best kids' books!  

Our business name and logo were inspired by our son's jungle themed bedroom and the jungle jeep style bed we built for him. It is in the "jungle wagon" that we read together every single night.

We value our authors and illustrators, sharing our expertise to convert their visions into quality kids' books unparalleled by our corporate competitors. We recognize the extraordinary talent that lies within the ordinary people we encounter. We all have a story to share. We choose great, unique stories with underlying educational themes; combine them with truly original artistic talent  to create...

 "classic books, belonging to that special group of literary giants-stories that are read to, and by all ages and are passed down from generation to generation. (Virginia Polizzi)"

We publish high quality educational picture books unlike any you will find on the shelf. Our family read aloud books are purposefully crafted to capture and hold the attention of both children and their parents. A combination of bold illustrations, powerful text, and explicit nonfiction educational elements is our fool-proof recipe for bringing families together again for shared reading.

We are proud to produce books that are written, designed, printed, and assembled in the USA!

Check out some of the best books for kids to begin your reading safari!